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The well-known beer garden was closed on September 7th.Thank you very much.

We will open this year. From 7th July, every Friday, Saturday, open!
Please enjoy original menu such as roast beef and rice pot.
Even rain can be used indoors. Business hours, 18: 00-22: 00 (It is closed at 22 o'clock even at the beginning after 20 o'clock)
★All you can drink for 120 minutes★

 Male, ¥ 3,500, Female, ¥ 2,900
 Moderate, ¥ 1,800, 5 years and over, ¥ 1,000, Under 5 years old, Free

 For reservations, please contact 072-461-2911, Hotel Sun Plus Yutaka
  • Banquet·Conference

    ·You can use it for various parties and conferences.
    ·Various workshops and conferences can be used for the banquet hall on the second floor.(It becomes Japanese Style)
    ·There is also a banquet and conference hall on the 8th floor.
    ·Transportation to the meeting place is also available.(Basic, it is free.)
    ·Please do not hesitate to contact the front desk.

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